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February 15, 2013 by agooddaytoyou

2012-12-26 07.33.41Well we are already half way through the second month of the year and there’s already soo much to note.


Tuesday and Sunday spent their new years up in the Dandenong ranges, eating and drinking and sleeping in a random tower with all the creature comforts. While we had no reception, we were able to venture into town and our mobiles would light up with notifications and messages from loved ones. One in particular was one we were waiting for. You’ve been approved… “Huzzah!” We chuffed, “ah poop” we sighed. With only days left on our holiday, we had to get back to brisvegas and pack, clean, move and settle into our new abode before heading back to work. Moving in three days from scratch was a feat, and between the screaming and flailing hands in the air, we did it and successfully set out what we intended. It might not seem like a big deal but being that the last move took three weeks, its huge for this hoarder of crap. The place is palatial.2012-12-28 15.28.15 It also has pink carpet so we named it Ponyo. I also call it casa de flamingo. Five bedrooms and three showers. 25 mango tress and situated on a huge back which backs onto bushland.. soo much for going simple. But after compromising on the last rental to save money, this time was about being happy. And we love it. Yes its big but it feels like its just us. No noisy neighbours abusing each other and no police sirens. They’ve been replaced by magpies chortling and kookaburras guffawing. Lorrikeets chipping and.. well, there are alot of birds. Our housemate is not a fun of birds and they sometimes leave a surprise on her drying clothes on the hills hoist.. but ay, she’ll survive. We decided to move after being broken into twice in December within a three week period. It was really rough. It was expensive. It really took it out of me. Wallets, rings, car, all our keys and a few other prize possessions,  we were left with ourselves and our two cats. And after three months we are still piecing things back together. The car was found trashed but not enough for a wrote off. Its back after a two month job in the shop and still has problems with it. I had to buy a bomb so I could still get to work and had a little accident which resulted in a drivers door not being able to keep the rain out.

The cats are happier and seem more relaxed. I have started to enjoy walking the streets to get fit and the partner in crime even took up crocheting to pass the time at night… just until the internet gets connected… oh dear gods hurry up internet.

There were another round of floods after the bushfires. And we went to Sydney to see Zelda soundtracks being played by an orchestra at the opera house. Work is stressful but even so, I still love my job and the industry I work in. If I play my cards right I might have some huge wins which would help my caise of having a child in the next year. Oh, I also caused myself to have a swollen disc. Swells up and hit my sciatic nerve rendering me useless. Couldn’t walk and still am limited in the day to day movements. The drugs/pain killers made me angry and drowsy. Urgh pills.

So, less is more? More like self involved. Well, I’m just more interested in nesting and recharging. Less social media. More adventures.  Less stuff more stuffing.   Whatever.


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