Virgin to Rockhampton via Virgin


June 25, 2012 by agooddaytoyou

We have had a long weekend in the Rocky Hamptons, darlink.

It all started with a prop plane at Brisbane airport. To say that I was timid, is an understatement. Having a window seat less then a meter away from the propeller blades would make anyone unnerved. Right? 20120626-083657.jpg

My little anxiety attack wasn’t helped by hitting my head on the roof, the crying baby that sat behind me and the sound of the plane taking off. It felt like a was in an electric toy model plane.

We arrived at the Rockhampton Aerodrome and were pleasantly surprised to have our rental car upgraded from a getz to an altese. 20120626-083835.jpg

We drove through the drizzly streets and made our way to … The Castle court Motor inn. It’s an experience and we’ll leave it at that.20120626-085526.jpg

We decided the leave “the experience” and made our way to the Cinema. there’s only one cinema in rocky, as the older cinema got sold to a church group. As its the only cinema, they get away with charging $20.50 a ticket (plus popcorn a drink and another ticket for your date.) Cinemas really are an expensive place to go.

Pubs aren’t. There is a pub on every corner. I wouldn’t think there were enough people but apparently there are approx 80,000 residents, and they all must go to the pub!

After the movie, we cruised the streets with a personalized “Tour de Rock”. And went back to our hotel to crash.

On Sunday, we went to the Keg’s family home and had some breakfast. This house is something out of frankie magazine. Doilies, figurines, glassware and more. 20120626-083918.jpg







Now, the reason we came to Rocky is because Keg’s Nan was turning 90 years old.

She had arranged for her and her friends to meet at the local RSL for a buffet roast lunch. Oh boy, it was like the golden girls hitting the town. It was truly inspiring to see them all together and laughing. Knowing that life doesn’t end because you get older.

After the festivities were over and the sponge cake with mock cream was consumed, we dropped one of Nans friends back to her place. After being told “not to get fatter the next time she saw us”, she then took us the long way to her place to teach Keg a lesson for not knowing where his childhood home was.

We then meet and spent time with a family friend and heard all about their time in school and the family holidays they had.

The evening involved Fish and chips, and watching dinosaur documentaries.

There are too many places to buy second hand something’s. Furniture, records, clothes, home wares. I love knowing that objects can have stories. 20120626-084539.jpg


While Keg found pants in amazing gelato flavoured colours, I scanned through hundreds of records. As you can guess, gospel and opera were in abundance, but after 6 op shop visits, I’m really proud of my findings.

$8 for 10 records. 20120626-084706.jpg

They include: Bert Kaempfert’s “Swinging Safari”, the Graduate movie soundtrack, Bing Crosbys “Merry Christmas” and Elton John’s “Two low four Zero”.

I also really wanted to find something like this to store and play them but alas nothing yet:20120626-084736.jpg

We then met up with the family and went to the zoo.
The rocky zoo is home to Koalas, Kangaroos, Kookaburras, Dingoes, Cassowaries, Emu, Chimpanzees, Crocodiles, Wombats and Snakes, to name a few. It’s also totally free! We then strolled leisurely through the botanic gardens. We even came across a neck turtle digging a hole to lay her eggs.

Now, Rockhampton is the Beef capital of Australia. So i had to have some beef! We were going to go to The Criterion (an old pub on the riverfront and home to a 1kg steak) but went to the Allenstown Hotel. I had a Black Angus Porterhouse steak with a side of beef ribs. Apparently there was mash and veg, but who cares! 20120626-085607.jpg

Although the weather was a consistent drizzle, I really enjoyed my time in Rocky.

I haven’t felt very well over the past week, but still managed to have an educating and relaxing time.

The highlight for me, was seeing the places my other half (Keg) grew up in. Over the past four years, I heard stories but it was soo special to see it with my own eyes. His primary school and high school. Family homes and corner stores. The fountain that would get vandelised with bubble bath, the bull statues that would get their pride cut off. Where he rode his bike, where his father got his haircut, where his great grandparents now rest. It made my heart melt to hear and see the memories and adventures that made him into the man I love today. It was also really special to see him spend some quality time with his wonderful family.

See you soon rocky, you crazy son of a gun.


One thought on “Virgin to Rockhampton via Virgin

  1. Caitlin says:

    I love this so much, what an excellent weekend away!

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