Tamborine hosts a slumber party

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June 3, 2012 by agooddaytoyou

For my birthday, I was taken away for the weekend, to Mt Tamborine. Aptly named “the green (rainforest) behind the gold” (gold coast), we spent most of our time in an A-frame cottage, eating cheese, drinking wine, and playing games. Our first night involved risotto, Alladin, kigus and talking in front of the fireplace. The first Harry Potter movie was enjoyed and a midnight photo session in front of the fire took place.

The next day, we chased away bush turkeys that surrounded the house and ventured into the main street for breakfast and op-shopping.

Vintage skirts, cloaks and suits were acquired at what some would claim as a steal.

After picking fruit from roadside stalls and having Lunch on a cliff with a St. Bernard, we giggled home with our treasures.

UNO and balderdash kept us occupied as the drizzle turned into rain. We suffered through movies like “Sabrina” and “roman holiday” and ate two racks of organic Lamb and vegies. Ruburb stew with yogurt for dessert, and a cupcake for the birthday boy. Spoilt rotten!

Other highlights involved driving through the clouds, stoking the fire, shallow breathing from eating and spending time with some of my favourite and treasured friends.

Here’s to many more adventures!









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