Being a maw-del

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February 23, 2012 by agooddaytoyou

I have to admit, I have never had much respect for maw-dels (that’s models for anyone who does not recognise that I am doing a hilarious accent). I believed that if one was born with such truly good looks, such genetic blessings, such perfect skin and skinny legs, then actually doing the modeling bit was a doddle. You just look good, so you just go ahead and professionally look good, right?

But YOU GUYS, modelling (maw-delling) is hard. On Sunday (the day), Friday (the person) and I did a favour for a friend who has a dream of being a wedding photographer and agreed to be the subjects of a “couple photo shoot”. Actually, I did not feel like it was a big favour as I am a huge show off and could not wait to do my showing off in front of a camera.

But things did not go exactly to plan.

For one thing, it was insanely hot. Sweaty upper lip hot. Hair ruined, no make up hot. You get it. So looking sexy in photos was impossible.

But also, looking sexy in photos is actually impossible! You make what you think is this super sexy face and then you look at the photo itself and your eyes are all squinty and one eye is veering off in a different direction and it is so unsexy that you cannot believe that other human beings want to have sex with you at all if that is what your sexy face looks like.

Plus, there are so many ways that the human body can look unattractive in photos. One big chesty laugh and you’ve got a double chin. One enthusiastic cuddle with the person you love and you’ve got fat, squashed up tuckshop lady arms. And one’s knees people! They can look so…lumpy… if they are not folded over in a ladylike manner.

So to think of models, who not only have to convey a range of emotions in the one shoot, but do it in a way that ensures that you look perfect and perfectly show off the dress you’re wearing/perfume you’re branding/drag car race you’re promoting…well, I now think it takes a fair bit of skill.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the photos our friend took, he’s actually a genius at capturing the little, beautiful moments. And I don’t think I look ugly, at all! I’m just saying that after a day of trying to “convey emotions” and be all beautiful and whimsical and perfect, I just ended up looking like…myself. Like a normal girl who’s arms are a bit squishy and who sweats when it’s hot and who laughs like crazy when she’s happy and excited and having fun pretending to be a maw-del.

And I guess that ain’t bad!



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