Moving Abode

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February 20, 2012 by agooddaytoyou


Moving house,
Moving home,
Lots of cardboard,
Lots of foam.

Pros and cons, but mostly work
Packing, stacking, cleaning, jerk!

I love new places,
I love the adventures,
I loath washing walls,
It hurts my Dentures.

There’s moping and mopping and scrubbing galore,
I’d prefer a cleaner, but they charge more then whores.

There’s beds to assemble,
And fridges to stack,
Can’t we have take out,
and that would be that?

Everything’s homeless, in pieces or lost,
We’ve moved to a new place, but at what cost?

We’re tired and stressed,
and sore in weird places,
There’s new streets to know,
and so many strange faces.

The cat is excited, new places to run,
I’m sure when we’re settled, it’ll be fun.

It’s bigger and cheaper
and closer to work,
I should stop whinging
and look for the perks!

It’s fine, no really, in the deep southside,
I think I just miss, my ol’ Morningside.


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