10,000 words (or: My life in pics)

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February 15, 2012 by NH

I’m all out of words. I’ve no desire to read, or write, or explain right now.

So tonight, I’m going to show you some of my favourite photos, taken by me, or of me, during moments that mattered.

Uluru is majestic.

You must see it for yourself.

Sailing with Monday.

One of my favourite days.


My sister and I adventure together a lot.

This was taken in Kakadu.

Keep my head above water.

Giving up and going under.

It’s better – trust me.

Can you see Brisbane there?

On the left?

This photo helps me put all the stressful things into perspective.

New Years Eve.


Fun fun fun.

One definition of luxury: sun baking on the edge of a natural millennium pool.

Arnhem Land escarpment, looking back toward Kakadu.

Moreton Island.

I was taking a break from writing my thesis paper.

It was peaceful.

Falling back to earth.

Must remember the falling is the fun part.


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