Over and Over

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February 4, 2012 by agooddaytoyou

Today’s song and title are brought to you by the lovely guys from Hot Chip – http://youtu.be/1mdgLn5BFRQ

I marvel at people who live their lives in a routine. In my head and on paper I am one of the most organised people I know. I have a prefect budget that pays my bills, debts and even gives me left over’s for shoes. I have meal plans, shopping lists and calorie counters. My alarm goes off in the morning, I get up and exercise for 30 mins before having a shower, putting on the clothes I ironed last night. Taking my healthy packed lunch I made myself the night before I walk out the door with plenty of time to spare to get to my train and progress in a nice orderly fashion to work.
Sadly reality is a bitch as is often the case.

My alarm goes off in the morning at 6.29am, about 6.31am I am woken by a hungry cat who I ignore and instead go to the bathroom. By about 7am I realise that I have finished my ‘business’ a while ago and have gotten caught up trying to get those last 2 effing stars in angry birds. Insert expletive here. By now my darling other half has finished his shower, so I jump in, wash, rinse, look in the mirror and decide I will shave tomorrow instead and go to get dressed. Alas Past Sunday was selfish and didn’t iron a shirt last night so Present Sunday does an inspection of the wardrobe assessing the wrinkle status of the clothing and picks the least offensive one. By now is 7.30ish and things aren’t looking promising. The cat needs feeding, where the fuck did I leave my keys and why can I never remember to bring socks down stairs with me the first time?

Welcome to the mornings of Sundays Child.

At lunchtime I walk around my office and I am amazed to see people eat lunch at the same time everyday and having the same thing. Sandwich, coke zero, packet of chips and an apple. Cup-a-noodle, bread roll and tea. There is one lady that even catches the same train everyday to go to the same restaurant in the Valley and apparently has the same thing too.
That is a little to OCD even for my darkest desires.

Part of me craves that existence. Remove the unknown and embrace the routine. I love the idea of bringing lunch with me every day. But when I do actually get organised to bring my lunch, part of me rebels and throws a tanty because we had that last night or I don’t want that today.

But on the flip side, there is a part of me with a need for routine or patterns in my life. When showering I wash and dry myself the same way. Eating a sandwich I always try to get 8 bites; Three from the first and second rows then two the last one.

There is one routine I that doesn’t really change from week to week and if I don’t do it, it throws me off.

Monday nights are always busy for me. Doesn’t matter how I try to prepare on the weekend, there is always overflow. I come home and prep dinner, do a load of washing, cook dinner, chat with Sunday when he gets home, do another load of washing, eat dinner, hang up washing, do dishes, clean out the fridge, empty the bins, change the kitty litter, take out the bins and then sit.

Maybe my desire for a routine is slowly taking over my brain piece by piece? Or is this just my subconscious clinging on to the few things it can control ? Perhaps just a learned habit that has been ingrained into me?

I still know that come pay-day my budget will not be what it should be. That Past Sunday will still not think of Present Sunday as often as he should. And chances are I’ll have tuckshop over bringing lunch, but a boy can dream right?


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