Highlights of January

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January 30, 2012 by agooddaytoyou

Happy last day of January?

The depression has set in, diets have started to break, and you’re ready for the year to move on.

But it’s not all that bad, so, here’s my little list of happy things that happened to me in January. (remember, I’m all about the little happy’s)

1. Celebrated new years with good friends in Byron Bay and rode to the lookout in new years morning.

2. Bought a car with Sunday, so we had more freedom.

3. Sold my other car, at a profit, a little excited about that.

4. Celebrated Wednesdays birthday along with the rest of the Gooddaytoyou’ers. Fancy dinner and drinks, as well as giggles about men’s anatomy and eating chocolate freckles and throwing champagne over the Kangaroo point cliff’s. (the liquid, not the bottle)

5. Decided to move. It’s the last time we move until we find our own place to buy. I’m really excited about having a home loan debt. Haha.

6. Seeing two very special people I love buy their dream place. The process of putting an offer in and buying a place is, an experience I’m sure.

7. I had a few wins at work. Which is always nice.

8. Catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in nearly a year.

9. Watching studio gihibli films while it storms outside.

10. Spending time with my family.

11. Seeing the venga boys 32min set, playing all 6 hits! Aha!

12. Finishing Zelda: skyward sword. I really love Zelda.

13. Visiting Toowoomba an doing an adventure in and around town. Op shopping, seeing abandoned milk processing plants and antique stores with creepy men.

14. Eating more home-made food. I convince myself I’m healthier, but my tight clothes say something else. Ha. Meh.

15. Spending Australia day at home, drinking iced anything and not moving from the couch.

16. Babysitting our nephews for the weekend. A whole new respect for mums/parents.

17. writing down more lists

18. Writing myself little poems and musings so I have snapshots of how I felt on certain days.

19. Annoying people with lists… Ha

20. Spending less time worrying and more time being happy.

Happy last day of January folks.


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