Top 30 things in the ten years to my 30th birthday … which is two days from now


January 26, 2012 by NH

It’s the eve of the eve of my 30th birthday, so forgive me if I indulge in some reflection in this Australia Day post.

These are some of the things I’m proud to have done/understood/achieved/left behind since my 20th birthday:

  1. Finishing my manuscript. If I hadn’t finished writing it last year, I’d still be mooching around, angsting, wondering, obsessing over what I might be capable of. More than usual, anyway.
  1. Maintaining a relationship for longer than six months. For a while I thought this was beyond me.
  1. Being a journalist. I remember the day I got my first business card … I smiled. A lot.
  1. Moving to Sydney on my own. I did it. It was hard, but I did it, and for a while, I made it work.
  1. Leaving Sydney.
  1. Changing my hair colour every six months or so. I like what that says about me.
  1. Learning to love to run.
  1. Perfecting my pancake, spaghetti Bolognese and salmon with mashed potato recipes.
  1. Holding brilliant house parties.
  1. Letting go of men who were bad for me.
  1. Leaving men when I knew I was bad for them.
  1. Buying a piano. One of the best things I’ve ever done.
  1. Falling out of a plane.
  1. Meeting and interviewing Tim Freedman from The Whitlams while on assignment for a transport magazine.
  1. Turning down two job offers from The Courier-Mail.
  1. Understanding my limits … then pushing past them. This is a trait that defines me. I’m proud of much of my fearlessness.
  1. Telling the truth because I thought it was right, even when it wasn’t in my best interest.
  1. Learning to salsa dance.
  1. Visiting Uluru.
  1. Traveling from Darwin to Adelaide on The Ghan.
  1. Hanging out with my sister on road trips, right across Australia.
  1. Finishing Atlas Shrugged. That was a mission.
  1. Buying my red Fiat 500. I love that car like I love my cat.
  1. Adopting a cat. Bones is the best cat and I love him.
  1. Being a magazine editor at the age of 23.
  1. Delivering an academic paper to a room full of hostile arseholes in England.
  1. Buying a hammock.
  1. Moving in with Monday, my best friend, and maintaining a relationship with him for the past four-and-a-half years.
  1. Making my friends and family my priority.
  1. Writing this blog with the other Gooddaytoyou-ers.



One thought on “Top 30 things in the ten years to my 30th birthday … which is two days from now

  1. Calista says:

    Those are some wonderful accomplishments/achievements and you should look on them with definite pride. Happy birthday… If the last ten years are anything to go by the next ten years should be good ones…

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