Top 5 evil numbers: tested

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January 23, 2012 by agooddaytoyou

Common malevolent numbers:

  • 666 – Usually regarded as the Number of the Beast in Christianity.
  • 616 – Less usually regarded as the Number of Beast.
  • 4 – Unlucky in Japanese culture due to the similar pronunciation of ‘death’.
  • 9 – Unlucky in Japanese culture due to the similar pronunciation of ‘agony/torture’.
  • 13 – The most widely regarded unlucky number in Western culture.


First meaningful phrase on matching pages from the randomly selected books having at least 666 pages:

Collins Paperback English Dictionary. Dictionary

Collins Paperback Dictionary and Thesaurus

Gravity’s Rainbow – Thomas Pynchon. Post-modern fiction

Imajica – Clive Barker. Horror fantasy

The Count of Monte Cristo – Alexandre Dumas. Classic fiction.

Churchill – Roy Jenkins. Biography.

Memoirs of a Rebel Journalist – Wilfred Burchett. Autobiography.

Whilrdwind – James Clavell. Modern, blockbuster fiction.


Page 666

Collins Paperback English Dictionary: push through verb: to force to accept

Gravity’s Rainbow: …managed to come up with some really mean ass imaginary Nazi playmates…

Imajica: …uncovering statues as she went.

The Count of Monte Cristo: ‘No?’ the notary asked.

Churchill: …and receiving the draft Charter very late at night…

Memoirs of a Rebel Journalist: …inspired the well-known Swiss journalist-writers Fernand Gigon…

Whirldwind: Starke picked up the card he had been dealt…

Verdict: Fatalism, night, Nazis, profanity, force, knowledge, the hidden.

Page 616

Collins Paperback English Dictionary: …to collect or give a lift to…

Gravity’s Rainbow: ‘How can you be so sure the Americans will ever condone that?’

Imajica: He was through it before it had struck the floor…

The Count of Monte Cristo: …even though it detected a secret…

Churchill: Reynaud was inscrutable…

Memoirs of a Rebel Journalist: …his suite which overlooked the US Embassy…

Whirlwind: “Not far off course…”

Verdict: secrecy, USA, danger, politics, assistance, adrift

Page 4

Collins Paperback English Dictionary: …for financial gain…

Gravity’s Rainbow: …has been getting narrower, more broken…

Imajica: An imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

The Count of Monte Cristo: XXVIII – The Prison Register

Churchill: Certainly no lustre to the family name…

Memoirs of a Rebel Journalist: …bricklayer great-grandfather James Burchett – he of the unlawful musket shot and who later emigrated to Australia…

Whirlwind: -blank-

Verdict: money, corruption, emptiness, violence, Australia, prison

Page 9

Collins Paperback English Dictionary: address 1 noun: the place at which someone lives.

Gravity’s Rainbow: …can of milk from cooler.

Imajica: …her body was long…

The Count of Monte Cristo: …or else there would be no progress or promotion.

Churchill: …sentences were written and published…

Memoirs of a Rebel Journalist: Leader of the miners was Peter Lalor, an Irishman in his mid-twenties.

Whlrlwind: For Shigatsu

Verdict: home, comfort, the body, progress, achievement, leadership, sentiment

Page 13

Collins Paperback English Dictionary: African 1 adjective: of Africa.

Gravity’s Rainbow: … the mark of Youthful Folly…

Imajica: ‘I can find somebody else for you.’

The Count of Monte Cristo: ‘That’s proper, dantes. Very proper.’

Churchill: …much of Ulster was inhabited by Presbyterians…

Memoirs of a Rebel Journalist: The dingoes’ revenge

Whirlwind: Book One

Verdict: wilderness, youth, folly, imperatives, manners, wild dogs, vengeance, beginnings



Numbers ranked by malevolence (most to least).

  1. 4
  2. 666
  3. 616
  4. 13
  5. 9



File:Apocalypse vasnetsov.jpg

Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, by Viktor Vasnetsov. Painted in 1887.


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