Top 10 (+2) – 2011

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January 22, 2012 by agooddaytoyou


A few of my friends do a “Top 10 songs of the last year” at the start of each year. It’s not Top 10 songs released that year, but top 10 songs you heard that year.

This is my top 10 songs of 2011.

If you like, you can view this as a YouTube playist.

1: Von Spar – Sctoch and Chablis

I’ve fallen asleep to this under the fan during a hot afternoon, gone swimming to it in the pool. It’s such a drunken daytime tune – reminds me of when I was 15 -the day I wagged school, went to a friend’s friend’s house, got stoned and sat by the pool with my school pants rolled up and my shirt off. I got so burned that day but I remember feeling the sun beat down to hard on my back I was warming my bones.


2: Sébastien Tellier – Look

I just love this clip. This album was produced by Daft Punk.


3: Tanlines – Real Life (Memory Tapes Remix)

One hipster group remixing another hipster group. I first heard this track in someones weird video experiement – it’s more pseudo 80s shit and I love it.


4: Elbow – The Bones of You

This is one fills me with emotions.  Guy Garvey is an incredible lyricist. While technically not released last year, up until Splendor I’d only listened to (and very much enjoyed) Elbows first album – after seeing them live (with Thursday) and just having the best time – I now own all of them.


5: Gareth Liddiard – The Radicalisation of D

This 16 minute opus is supposedly Gareth’s take on the events of Australia terror ‘suspect’ David Hicks. I can relate to a lot of the boyish behaviour Gareth describes at the start – and I like the juxtaposition of The Cosbys and the news at the end. Liddaird himself tends to come across as a sometimes grumpy drunk on stage so all of this rawness in his writing seems pretty truthful.


6: Tobacco – Hairy Candy

Just some mindless catchy funky tunes.


7: Wild Nothing – Chinatown

More excellent hipster music.


8: Ghoul – Dreamboat

Pulsating sound and stuttered singing go well with the epileptic film clip.


9: Panda Bear – Take Pills

I guess Panda Bear are Psych-pop? I dunno.


10: SALEM – Till The World Ends

Ahh SALEM – probably best described as “depressing hip hop” – but I just enjoy the sober beats and distorted vocals – like sounds your brain plays at you as you drift off to sleep – just disconnected noises from the day that you try to make sense of.

This is what Britney Spears would have recorded if she could see herself now, back before she broke herself (or we broke her..).



11: Dr. Dunks – Keep It Cheap

Some nu-disco for you! *dances*


12: Factory Floor – Two Difference Ways

*more dancing*


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