Theme of each Destiny’s Child song


January 16, 2012 by agooddaytoyou

Album: Destiny’s Child (1998)

1. “Second Nature” – After a long search I have found the lover I have been looking for.

2. “No, No, No, Part 2” – I believe a male I am attracted to is playing hard to get and that is unacceptable to me.

3. “With Me, Part 1” – I have stolen your boyfriend on account of my superior sexual performance.

4. “Tell Me” – I implore you to be honest with me about the tenuous status of our relationship.

5. “Bridges” – I will support you toward your achievements, with no mention of my own goals.

6. “No, No, No, Part 1” – I believe a male I am attracted to is playing hard to get and I intend to convince him to admit he likes me, but I have some stipulations.

7. “With Me, Part 2” – Your sexual performance has compelled your boyfriend/husband to seek my boudoir, and rightly so. I would also like to inform you of this.

8. “Show Me The Way” – Tell me what I can change about myself so that you will love me.

9. “Killing Time” – Despite my partner’s regular nightly abandonment, I maintain a fierce loyalty to them.

10. “Illusion” – I have many dreams of success and achievement, and I intend to leave my abusive relationship. I am also very confused.

11. “Birthday” – I will offer sex to my male partner for his birthday.

12. “Sail On” – We are getting a divorce. You have mistreated me throughout this marriage.

13. “My Time Has Come” (Dedicated to Andretta Tillman)” – Something very important, but unnamed, is coming to an end. Possibly for the better.

Album: The Writing’s on the Wall (1999)

1. “Intro” – Relationships in the modern world have changed. We demand an honest man.

2. “So Good” – We are successful now. I enjoy gloating to my doubters.

3. “Bills Bills Bills” – At the start of our relationship you paid for everything. The situation has now reversed, so I intend to leave you for a man who will pay all my bills.

4. “Confessions” – I have become romantically involved with one of your friends, stolen from you and misled other men about our relationship status. As I am incapable of lying to you, the difficulty of admitting these things to you is your fault.

5. “Bug-A-Boo” – You are an annoying partner.

6. “Temptation” – After a momentary lapse brought on by lust, I have decided to remain in a virtuous relationship with my current partner.

7. “Now That She’s Gone” – I see that your new relationship has broken up. I will not accept being your fallback position – although it was recently an option.

8. “Where’d You Go?” – My boyfriend has disappeared. I am distraught. This is his fault.

9. “Hey Ladies” – Fellow women, why should we stay loyal to our poor choices in partners? Divest yourself of lacking men.

10. “If You Leave” – Let’s elope from our respective relationships. I have previously destroyed his property, spent his money and had sexual relations with his associates – this is his fault for I have flimsy evidence that he is cheating on me.

11. “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” – A call for women who’s boyfriends’ have spent time with their friends to dress up and go out so richer men will spend money on them. Men you have a right to engage with these women, despite your own relationships.

12. “Say My Name” – Your behaviour leads me to suspect you are cheating.

13. “She Can’t Love You” – I am observing your new partner, in my judgment she is inferior to me. I still love you.

14. “Stay” – I am pondering whether having sex with you will make you a loyal companion. But this somehow seems to cheapen matters.

15. “Sweet Sixteen” – A neglected 16-year-old girl falls pregnant to an older man. She has the baby and feels lonely. A third party believes her life has moved too fast.

16. “Outro (Amazing Grace)” – Through God forgiveness and redemption are possible, regardless of sin.

Album: Survivor (2001)

1. “Independent Women, Part 1” – I buy things with money that I have earned. Men are only useful to me for sex. I believe in relationships where there are no privileges based on gender.

2. “Survivor” – Since our relationship has broken up I am doing well. My prayers are with you.

3. “Booylicious” – I appear to be too forward in this courting ritual for the prospective mate I selected for closer inspection.

4. “Nasty Girl” – Please dress more conservatively and comport yourself more chastely. You are making it difficult for those of us who already do so to be taken seriously as people, rather than sexual objects.

5. “Fancy” – You are an enemy masquerading as a friend. I do not like you. This must end.

6. “Apple Pie A La Mode” – A highly attractive man has entered this nightclub. I am fantasising about marrying him.

7. “Sexy Daddy” – I am enjoying a night of carousing with my friends and an attractive man. I intend to become pregnant by him.

8. “Perfect Man” – Advice to women: select a mate on looks and finery alone. Harbour no other criteria.

9. “Independent Women, Part 2” – As an independent woman I have no time for emotional involvement or tact. I encourage you to prostitute your male partners.

10. “Happy Face’ – To be alive is wonderful.

11. “Dance With Me” – I would like you to dance with me all night. Good. Now that we are dancing, I think things are going well.

12. “My Heart Still Beats” – I am in love with you to an overwhelming degree.

13. “Emotion” – I miss you. Please return.

14. “Brown Eyes” – Looking back over our happy relationship, I am glad we have a child.

15. “Dangerously in Love” – I so am deeply in love with you that I feel absorbed by it and you. I am looking forward to our life together.

16. “The Story of Beauty” – A young girl is sexually abused in the home. After she leaves home the cycle of abuse continues. There is hope though.

17. “Gospel Medley” – Christianity gets my tick of approval.

18. “Outro (DC-3) Thank You” – Well girls, I do believe we are marvellous and this album is excellent due your talents, for which we thank God.

Album: 8 Days of Christmas (2001)

(I’m not doing the bloody Christmas album.)

Album: Destiny Fulfilled (2004)

1. “Lose My Breath” – Show me that you are an exciting sexual partner through your dancing. You have failed.

2. “Soldier” – I would like to date a gang member.

3. “Cater 2 U” – As a woman I am thrilled to serve the man I love.

4. “T-shirt” – I am dressed in lingerie. I am fantasising about us engaging in sexual intercourse, but, alas, you are far away.

5. “Is She the Reason” – I had hopes for our nascent relationship. Now that it has fallen apart, I would like to confirm my suspicions that you have been seeing another woman and are not mourning like I am.

6. ‘Girl” – I see a man has been taking advantage of your emotions and you are very sad. Well, I am your friend. I will help you.

7. “Bad Habit’ – I have fallen in love with a poor choice of mate. But because I am very much in love I find it difficult to end the relationship. This is a pattern of behaviour.

8. “If” – My partner cheated on me. I am over it. And better for it.

9. “Free” – My partner is unsatisfying. I am definitely leaving them. Such resolve is freeing and heady.

10. “Through with Love” – Romantic encounters disappointed me. I found religion.

11. “Love” – My partner loves me. By this I am satisfied with life.

12. “Game Over” – My boyfriend/husband is the most important thing in my life. He can not be corrupted from our love.


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