Red head

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January 9, 2012 by agooddaytoyou

Amy hated her hair.

It was too short to tie up, but too long to do anything with it. It glowed like the embers in a campfire, and anyone who wasnt legally blind could see it in a crowd.

Being a red head in a town of blondes really was an inconvenience.

Her mother begged her to wear hats when they left the house and her 2 year old brother Gus, knew enough to laugh out loud when a lock poked out from her wide brimmed fedora.

But today was different. Amy was ready.

Today… Amys body had a secret that could finally be shared with her.

She woke to the summer sun burning its morning rays onto her pale forehead. Perfect she groaned, as she glanced in the bathroom mirror. The angle of the window blinds resulted in even strips of sunburn that stretched across from her left shoulder to her neck, chin, cheek and right temple.

She climbed into the shower,closed her eyes and turned the faucet.

As the water cooled her down, she felt another form of heat coming from her fingertips.

The current of water streamed down, and she tried to ignore it, but she could feel the warm tingle spread across her small palms and quickly engulf her hands entirly up to her wrists.
She opened those light blue eyes a moment after she screamed.

At first, she couldnt confirm what she just saw but her gut told her it wasnt human.

Those deep red eyes were locked onto hers and she was frozen in Terror. Those eyes were all she could make out of the black figure that towered over her.

It was as if it was a void and light couldnt penetrate it. But she felt it alright. She knew her hands were in what would be its mouth, and it wasnt going to let her go.

… And then I woke up


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