You drive me crazy

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December 19, 2011 by agooddaytoyou


I drive alot.

Some Facts:
Minimum driving time to and from work: 13 hours a week
Minimum kilometers driven: 1,000klms a week
Minimum fuel expenses: $100 a week

That’s approx 625 hours a year
48,000klms a year just for work and
$4,800 spent on petrol.
Plus the time I spend whinging to friends and family about it.

I’m tyred! Ha!

But, it does lead into interested situations and exposure to some quirky stuff.

A man walking his dog… Nude
Watching people Check Facebook and swerving across three lanes
People getting a “BJ” by the passenger
Swerving Car accidents as they happen in front of you
Police chases
Seeing wild deer and other wildlife brave the M1
Driving through walls of water and then experiencing kilometers of dry road and then back into rain.
Trucks and all types of people speeding, weaving and wailing.
As well as the odd sing out with strangers with the windows down.

It’s worth it. I can complain daily, but the drive isn’t that bad. It’s actually fun and entertaining.

But, what really makes it worth it, so now that it’s summer, I drive to work with the same excitement of driving down the coast to go to the beach.

Ahhh, the beach. We don’t have awful beaches in Queensland and most are patrolled and empty where I work. Knowing that I’m going for a frolic in the waves during lunch is the highlight of my day and the reason why I do the drive.

But, the frustrating thing about Queensland summers, is that it’s also our El niño. So it could be perfect weather for a swim in the morning, but by lunchtime, the dark clouds have rolled in with their rain and thunder, and dampened my hopes of an beach session.

With it being the silly summer season, all I can think about playing in the water.

The cooling waves, like moving caves,
The thought makes my head spin.
A drop of sun, shot from a gun,
That powerful price of tin.
The bullet true is meant for you,
To light you up you see.
So you can watch, and touch and feel
The magic of the sea.

Um, what the heck is going on?
I might have written this at 1am after eating a raw steak for dinner and listening to “pocket full of sunshine” for three hours.

You know the song.. “I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine…” HERE

So, what is up with pollies always bitching and complaining after the other party? Can’t they just get on with their job and ignore the bullying and teasing? School kids are better behaved. If you have to keep telling me how good you are, you’re probably not.

Why are the hottest places on earth home to the hairiest people on earth?!
Poor Indians, middle eastern and Mediterranean folk.

It’s Christmas on Sunday, which is funny because SUNDAY hates Christmas. I love Christmas, cause to me, it was time spent with friends and family, and this Xmas I get to experience a Christmas eve breakfast with the Gooddaytoyou’ers. Xmas eve with my nephews and in laws, and Xmas day picnic up in the mountains. Yay!

How can I grow hair on my back, but not enough hair on my scalp?

I remember eating soo much lasagna and Indian food one Xmas, that I got food poisoning and couldn’t go to the boxing day races. My mum picked me up from where I was living and drove me to the family home. She feed me chicken soup and I slept for the rest of the day. Best boxing day ever?!

Australian culture has a drinking problem.

Why can’t a find my phone charger?

I farted soo much in my chair at work today, that every time I sat down, the smell that was engrained in the fabric would puff out and suffocated me.

I had a point, wait…


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