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December 13, 2011 by agooddaytoyou


Dear 17 year old Tuesday.

It’s me, 27 year old Tuesday from the future… *weeeoooo*
Alot’s going to happen to you in ten years and so I thought I’d prepare you for a few key points.

You’re naive. It was cute when you were in high school, heck people thought it was endearing when you started your first job, but you really should build on your street smarts and general knowledge.

Portion control! Yes, I know you paid for the meal at the restaurant, and you deserve to treat yourself, but come on! You eat good food, just too much. You’re going to develop some serious problems.

Paying for things doesn’t mean people like you more. It’s nice of you to offer but some people will be conditioned to think you’re their sugar daddy if to do so everytime.

He’s not the one. You put up with some pretty awful things, if you thought higher of yourself, you wouldn’t need approval from those who doesn’t deserve it.

Listen to your parents. They actually have some great advice, and are always looking out for you. They want you to succeed, and they are very good at what they do.

Don’t lie to people thinking it’s what they want to hear, because you end up hurting them more. Be honest and respectful, rather then thinking you know best.

Remember how you felt when your 23, it will be the hardest year of your life. Remember you’ll get through it scared and your ego bruised but you’ll live. It will also be the best year of your life because you’ll meet your partner in crime. He’s awesome.

You’ll get to travel to Africa, Asia, New Zealand and Europe.

Don’t buy the sports car as your first car.

Buy that purple cottage for $120k on the northside you’ll regret it.

Drink more water, and keep up with the nightly walks.

Don’t use the meat slicer, some of your index finger misses you.

Take more photos, you won’t get those moments back.

Don’t bleach your hair

Keep your eyebrow piercing.

Tell your parents and sister that you love them more often.

Go with your gut, it’s not indigestion.

And don’t be scared. It’s only your life.


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