What would you do?

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December 12, 2011 by agooddaytoyou

If you didn’t have to work, what would you do?

Along similar lines, if you no longer had any wants, if all your whims were instantly settled, what would you do?

To what motivation would you answer?

There is the old saw in economics that needs are few and satisfiable while wants are limiteless and insatiable.

That denies greyness – a 1/0 switch.

There is a continuum between the pure state of need and an attenuated whim.

At the hard end you have the biologically immutable: a certain atmosphere, a certain set of matter phase states. Remove any one and life ceases and is prevented from reocurring.

At the soft end are the vaguest notions – inexpressibly slight impressions upon the psyche.

The transit of a life, the series of decisions bidden by some motivation between the above poles, is the main concern of the mind and body.

A growing body of research suggests body and mind are inseparable. It looks like there is no ‘little man’ in your head who could one day be freed into a  matrix pleasure palace of endless delight.

What your body can do affects what you can think and feel, and so the reverse.

Botox users, faces stiffened, suffer a fossilisation of their emotionality.

Their faces cannot emote: they cannot emote.

Those who can afford botox are one step closer to not working.

Both meanings intended.

Fossilise means ‘to become mineral’.

Animal, vegetable, mineral.

All our ‘things’ are of the latter.

We want to be of them.

We made them that way.

We? Well, someone did. Even if you cannot draw a line, you can buy. You can exert taste. Probably by some whim.

You want to be designed.

You fossilise.



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