Do you suffer from long term memory loss?

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December 11, 2011 by agooddaytoyou

Your suggested music choice is Amnesia by Chumbawamba – 

There is a myth that humans only use 10% of our brains. I don’t know if that is true or not and all the articles on the net that I tried to read just seemed to make my head hurt with too many big words.

 But then I remembered a conversation I had with my partner Tuesday that he heard on Triple J about people who are in longer term relationships outsourcing memories and other information to their partners. So I did the only thing I could think of, I Googled.

 I was a little surprised by how many articles, theories and stories came back from the search. So I read a few that seemed interesting and grabbed my attention. Sadly I think I saw something shiny out of the corner of my eye and I closed the window and walked away.

 But it got me thinking about, if you ask me someone’s birthday I check Facebook. If I need someone’s address I send a text message and ask for it.If I need to check the spelling of what I am writing (there are so many red squiggly lines happening on this page right now) I press F7 and let it work its magic.

 So I stopped and thought what the hell do I actually know without having to access my off shore information stores?

 The sky is blue, if I don’t eat regularly enough then I get hangry * and that if I ever want to get money back I have to get a little creative with my taxes.

 In the almost four years I have been with Tuesday I have outsourced the hell out of my memory to him. I am rarely able to tell a story without him helping/correcting me along the way. The amount of times we have one of those “You know who I mean, that guy who wears pants?” “You mean Rory Calhoun?” conversations would frustrate most people. Hell sometimes I have too much trouble remembering what I did on the weekend and have to check Facebook to see pictures or updates to remind me.

 But if all that information is out there, what the hell is up here *points to brain*?

 If you need a Simpsons quote for almost any occasion I am your boy. You want to know random song lyrics to that 80’s one hit wonder or what the best move your water type Pokemon should use in a battle against a plant Pokemon, I can help there too.

Until recently I was always pretty good with dates, times and appointments. I can safely say I have dropped that ball and it’s wedged firmly under the couch. But what annoys me is that I haven’t really outsourced that information anywhere. Apparently the ghost of Sunday past decided not to input those little nuggets of info anywhere like a certain someone’s mobile phone that I take everywhere with me. Tuesday has been pretty good with keeping me in line and telling me when we are doing things. Bless his cotton socks.

 This weekend alone I have double booked myself twice and had to do a bit of a reshuffle. Thankfully in the end my mother FORGOT ABOUT ME (I’m not bitter) so it all worked out and I was able to do it all, including a two-hour nap. BOOM!

 But I am a creature of routine and I need to know on Monday nights the fridge gets cleaned, I need to change the kitty litter and take out the bins. On Tuesday’s (The Day) I know Tuesday (The Person) and I will go on ‘Choosedate’ and hang out for the night. When my routine starts to fall apart so does my ability to know what the hell is going on and when. Sadly at this time of the year when there are too many birthdays, visitors from other states and pre Xmas functions I have to let go of my routine a little and go with the flow.

 Maybe I should put an ad in the paper to see if I can sublet part of someone’s unused brain and start storing my archived files offsite to free up a little more space? I don’t see that happening, I think it’s more likely that I will become one of those crazy people with post-its all over my house telling me things.

Sunday’s (Slightly confused) Child

 *Hangry is a word taught to me by Thursday. It is what happens when you are tired and hungry and the only way to fix that is to eat before you kill someone


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