Saturday memories


December 5, 2011 by agooddaytoyou

I love images.

Photos, drawings, paintings, polaroids, video, graphics… I love them.

As you may have noticed from previous posts, my forte is not the written word. Maybe it’s because I’m a little aslestic (dyslectic) or that I can’t find the right adjectives.
I find that I can digest thoughts, feelings or even whole personalities alot easier in a single frame/image.

That’s why I loved it when Saturday involved all the goodsaytoyou’ers having their images taken by the talented “Thursday” and their instax Polaroid camera.

My favourite moments involved:
Drinking different flavoured drinks that we picked up from an Asian grocer (burlingtons in china town)
Getting instaxed while jumping into the pool with a beach ball or making a shape with our bodies.
Playing piggy in the middle.
Listening to THURSDAY laugh while I was underwater.
Documenting WEDNESDAY open a champagne bottle and spray it everywhere.
Enjoying our awesome swimmers.
Walking to West End and going to the Twilight Markets
Eating At Huongs.
Watching MONDAY & FRIDAY explain their trip to the Bottle-o and how the contents of a bottle of wine ended up on them.
Eating jelly
Cringing at “movie” Drive Angry which “stars” Mr Nick Cage. Awful.
Seeing SUNDAY watch “it’s always sunny in Philadelphia” for the first time.
And sleeping on my new side of the bed.

I’m taking THIS MOMENT to document what I loved about spending time with my besties on a lazy saturday afternoon.

The moments in our daily lives are what matter most to me.

I don’t really have a grand plan with my life, it’s more so about all the tiny moments that seem to stick and make me happy.

As I mentioned in my first ever post here, I set the task of documenting at least one moment a day… And I did it.

I’ve found that by doing that, I was able to appreciate each day rather then wanting it to end when I had a bad day.

I also wanted to express how grateful I am for real friends who have truly been there through the good times and bad times.

Thanks guys.


2 thoughts on “Saturday memories

  1. ❤ this. I will laugh with you and take photos of you wih my instax camera forever!

    xx Thursday.

  2. Also this? “I don’t really have a grand plan with my life, it’s more so about all the tiny moments that seem to stick and make me happy.” This brings tears to my eyes, it’s so right.

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