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December 1, 2011 by agooddaytoyou

Welcome to the first day of summer, the first official day of the “Christmas season” and the first day that civil unions are legal in Queensland. Yes, it’s a day full of possibility and I honestly could not feel happier or more positive.

Friday and I listened late into the night last night on a live feed of the conscience vote on the Civil Union Bill from Queensland parliament as numerous members stood up and spoke with passion and logic about an issue that is so important to the happiness and relationships of so many. We tweeted avidly, cheering the members who supported the bill and, yes I must admit, often jeering the members who did not. Most of all, we felt excited about engaging with such a momentous moment for our state. When the bill eventually passed (after almost 4 hours of members’ speeches) we were ecstatic, and hearing the cheers from the public gallery (and knowing that friends of our were among the cheering) was the loveliest feeling. I’m still getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

It’s the same way I remember feeling during the “Rip and Roll” controversy that happened only a few months ago, where pressure from the conservative Australian Christian Lobby saw the removal of bus shelter poster for a safe sex campaign that showed a real life gay couple engaged in nothing more controversial than a hug. The public outcry over this removal was immediate and passionate. Thousands of people took to Twitter, Facebook, their emails and the streets to express outrage at Adshel, the company who removed the posters and, as a result, the posters were back up only days later.

All these things, they’re all the right things to happen. They all just make sense. And yes, we’re not quite there yet (after all, equal marriage and partnership rights are obviously the end goals) but we’re getting there and we are going to get there. If 47 Queensland pollies can vote for yes to the idea that everyone deserves to love and be loved and have that love acknowledged by law then we’re well on our way.

First of December, you’re a day I will always remember!



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