Keeping it cool this summer.

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November 29, 2011 by agooddaytoyou

After, what seems like a really long winter, summer is encroaching on the residents of Brisbane, and for some of our fellow gooddaytoyou’ers.. it hasn’t come fast enough.

It’s no secret that I love summer. The longer days for more adventures, the bugs that sing throughout the midday heat, the salt that cakes on your skin after a swim at the beach and the refreshing jump in a cool freshwater stream, after eating your weight of summer fruits, of course.

So today, I thought I would share a few of my favourite places to escape the humidity so you can create some memories of your own that don’t involve sweaty backs and sunburns.

Point out:
Kangaroo point cliffs are a fantastic spot to take in the natural light show of sunset. With premium views of Brisbane city up to Mt Cootha, the backdrop while the orange orb sets can leave you breathless. You can also jog along the cliffs, absail down them, have a BBQ, organize a picnic on the multiple levels of grass or even grab a gelato. There’s also a kayak hire place at the bottom of the cliffs that I recommend doing on a balmy night.

Park it here:
Brisbane has a surplus of wonderful parks, with the most popular “parking spots” being New Farm Park and Roma St Parklands. Both have handy public transport (buses, trains or City cats) and cater to all demographics. The trees that hug the river also expand throughout most of the grounds and ensure a cool environment in the heat of the day. Did you know that New Farm park used to be a race course?! Well now you do. The park hosts many types of events throughout the year. Another great feature of Bew Farm Park is that its home to The Powerhouse venue. Great place for art shows, events, comedy nights, weddings and plays. There are fortnightly markets situated outside the venue and the building also includes a bar and restaurant that look out to the river. The open air cinema is set up each summer with old and new classics. The children’s playground has been upgraded and is located near the tennis/squash courts. The gazebo is host to orchestras who play on a Sunday afternoon, and there’s still the football fields, rose gardens, dog park and a lovely view of the river bend. Other parks I enjoy chilling it at include Mowbray Park, Balmoral, The Botanic Gardens and a few secluded spots near the university at St Lucia and West End. They all have something special about them and are close to food, toilets, parking and have ample shade.

Making your Mark:
Speaking of west end, there’s the weekend favourite of hanging out at the Markets! Rocklea (Brisbane markets) is the primary destination for Queensland’s premium fruit and vegetables. There are also the trendy Racecourse markets. Gourmet delights and organic produce are set up in and around the heritage listed buildings and catch every breeze. Northy street markets have a bohemian look and feel about them. The Jan Powers markets at stones corner has a variety of goods and the Chandler markets will remind you of the flea markets when you were growing up. Each have their own flair and are a great way to sample great food and produce as well as catching up with friends for a hearty breakfast.

Tell you a tale:
Splurging on a cocktail with flair is growing in Brisbane’s inner city.


  • Lark in Paddington
  • Sling Bar in West End
  • Sky Room on Brunswick street
  • Gerties in New Farm

Junk bar, kerbside and lock’n’load don’t go astray either.

Rolling around:
Roller skating at the many rinks around Brisbane bring out the nostalgic days of when it was at it’s peak. There’s also Ice skating, Bowling and supporting your local team at Roller Derby

Cold air’s a con:
If it does get unbearable, how about spending your day in Air conditioned comfort:
Shopping centers: eat at food courts, window shop, catch a coma inducing flick or

I’m cheap:

  • Op shopping ( hopefully Thursday could list the top places to go one day)
  • Garage sales and flea markets
  • Making smoothies
  • Playing video games
  • Support the local arts: metro arts
  • Attend a fete
  • Go to a car wash
  • Invite yourself to a friends place with a pool
  • Put poppers in the freezer and scrap them with a spoon under your veranda
  • Make mango smoothies
  • Collapse on bed after a shower and let the fan dry you
  • Lawn bowls
  • And sleep

Beer beer:
Say cheers to some of my local heroes.

  • The Rumpus Room
  • Lock and Load
  • Norman (not Norman B)

Actually, any pub/hotel has it’s own thing going on and like anything you do in life, is more about the company you keep.

So, I hope this long winded blurb inspires you to remain cool and calm over what can be an “sticky” time stuck on a sweaty couch while you pass out from dehydration.


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