The afternoon has already come and gone

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November 27, 2011 by agooddaytoyou

Suggest song to listen while reading – (Click to follow Link) Sunrise by Norah Jones (A personal favourite of mine)

Disclaimer – Stories may be exaggerated slightly due to author’s love of dramatic flair

 I thought I would write a blog that explains a little about me.

 I grew up in a small, simple, country town, (When I say simple I’m referring mostly to the people that lived there.) with the knowledge that I wanted more. I didn’t know what the more was but I knew I wasn’t going to get it there.

 I was never the ‘popular’ one at school. I was the nerd with glasses that sat under a tree at lunch reading and trying not to talk to people. Hell, even now that is me at parties if I can get away with it for any length of time. I didn’t play sport, but I did love climbing trees. I would rather listen to my grandmothers stories and clean her spoon collection than play with the kids in the street.

 So after 15 years living there, in the dark of the night my mother and I packed our bags, (Though she forgot to pack her collection of ABBA, Cher and Fleetwood Mac records that I wanted. Clearly I have let that go after 12 years and I’m not bitter at all *awkward pause*) and fled the restraints of a common existence and claimed our place in the sun. *queue cherubs flying across the screen*

 It`s funny how you don’t always notice how you aren’t true to yourself until someone hands you a blank slate and says be yourself. My mother always taught me to be whomever I wanted to be and not to worry about what others thought. But for a 15 year old boy who had lived his life in the closet and whose best friend was the cranky 70 year old neighbour, where to go from there?

 So off I set on a journey of self discovery of music, sex, booze, boys and learning how to live as the person I wanted to be. To help me find out who that person was I washed dogs, made meat pies, watched strippers do unspeakable things with billiard balls and sold my soul to the corporate world (Look, I have a shoe fetish that needs to be feed.) I drank too much and took my shirt off on the dance floor. I wrote copious amounts of bad poetry, listened to Alanis Morrisette and thought about how my friends and family didn’t understand me. I smiled and danced in the rain and went on dates with lesbians while wearing cat ears. I bought and rode a neon green scooter called Nancy Blowell.

 I am not too proud to admit that along the way I stumbled and fell, wore some cheap tacky jewellery, kissed many, many toads (That didn’t turn into Prince’s) and had some terribly gay haircuts. But without the good and the bad, I wouldn’t be able to stand before you (Technically I’m sitting but saying I stand before you paints a more regal image) someone who is happy. Someone who can look into the mirror (While sucking in his gut) and smile and say he likes himself.

 I now where nice jewellery, maintain a mostly ‘normal’ haircut (I do have a passion for red mohawks that creeps through every now and then) and if I do stumble and fall I have a gorgeous prince to catch me and help me up.

*passes around the vomit bag*

 But what can you expect from Sunday’s Child in the future?

 I have a passion for writing and music. I like to cook and make up recipes and put together feasts for my friends. I am a little special with my dietary needs so I will share with you some of my inventions. I like to try my hand at photography (Though I didn’t say I was any good.)  Then sometimes I will just rant.

 Sunday`s Child.


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