The almost-actual best day of the week

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November 17, 2011 by agooddaytoyou

Come here Thursday, you gorgeous thing, and let’s have a cuddle.

You know why I love Thursday? Because I am an anticipation junkie.

I love thinking about, planning for and getting excited about things that are coming up. One of the phrases I use most, in text messages, emails, in person, would have to be “can’t wait”…can’t wait to see friends, can’t wait to hear their news, can’t wait to eat delicious food, can’t wait to celebrate a birthday or a special event, just can’t wait.

But it’s a horrible lie, I CAN wait. Because the feelings and excitement leading up to good things can be just as good as the thing itself.

To me, Thursday typifies this idea. It’s the ultimate anticipation day leading up to the weekend: close enough to it to start making some serious plans, but enough a part of the work week to make you feel all grown up and responsible as you start to “finish things up” in preparation for said weekend.

And don’t come here giving my your “but what about Friday” talk? We both know that Friday is ACTUALLY THE WEEKEND and we all treat it as such (how much work do YOU get done on a Friday, really?)

Nope, Thursday is the day. And actually, Thursday night is even more the day. You start to feel a little looser, a little happier. You might get takeaway instead of cooking at home. You might even go out for dinner, maybe see a movie. You might just throw caution to the wind and hit the Valley and party like it actually WAS the weekend. Whatever you do on a Thursday, it just feels that little bit more special as a prelude to a wonderful, blissful two days of freedom.

Come to think of it, this time of the year is also perfect for feeding my anticipation addiction as well, because as the end of the year approaches, as the Christmas decorations go up (and yes, they do go up too early, I agree) as the days get hotter and the workdays shorter, there are so many thing to look forward to…parties and dinners and Christmas day and New Years and actually not having to go to work for a period of time and YAAAAY! And while I know that plans like having pancakes and bacon with my fellow gooddaytoyou-ers on Christmas eve morning will be pretty awesome, it’s almost MORE awesome to just think about how awesome it will be.

So, whatever you are doing this Thursday night, I hope you’re feeling happy and about whatever good things are coming your way. See you next Thursday for more excitable posting!


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