I want my day back

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November 16, 2011 by agooddaytoyou

You’ve caught me on a busy day – which is typically how all my Wednesdays go.

What sucks for me is that this busy day is a day I had off, a day away from the office.

I had grand plans for this day. I was going to write an inspirational first blog post, explaining how I am free to write what I want, live how I want, be relaxed, be fun – be all the things I haven’t been for the past three years.

Now that I’ve finished my life-consuming, body destroying, mind-blowingly long and boring university project, I thought I’d have time on my hands. But no.

(Psst: I’m not kidding on those last few points. Having spent an hour today being told “Oh my god your shoulders are too tight” and “Your neck is straining to hold your head up” and “Your body is basically exhausted,” the true cost of this project is hitting home. I’ve pooped my body AND my mind. (On the mind-blowingly long bit – I’ve written about 90,000 words in the past three years, 60,000 of which will be assessed. You do not want to know how many reams of paper I have thrown in the bin in the name of the drafting process. I am a weapon of mass destruction)).

In between having painful massage work done on my back and neck, and feeding the cat, all I’ve done today is write. Yep. I’m writing (active tense) a job application. If there’s anything worse than writing an essay, it’s a freakin’ job application. FOR THE GOVERNMENT.

I keep telling myself next Wednesday will be better. Next Wednesday I’ll be on easy street. The application will be done, I’ll have submitted my mind-blowingly long and boring university project, my back and neck will be supple, smooth, pain free, knot free, and I’ll be kicking back on the deck, cracking a tinnie, laughing at all the poor people.

I can see it now…

But really, who am I kidding?

Happy Wednesday, kids. Catch you next week.


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